Prize Winners

All the hard work has paid off, we have some extremely worthy winners of our cash prizes. Sadly making the house 1st prize wasn’t possible and we are sincerely sorry that this is the case. Ultimately it didn’t go as viral as we had hoped…. but what an amazing experience!

We have managed to raise £24,000.00 for charity which is roughly 1/3 of the way to building a new school. We might not have housed one person in London but together we are well on the way to educating 150 underprivileged children by building them a new school. We will be posting all updates on the build via social media and websites linked to and over the next couple of years and beyond. Everyone who has supported this initiative is now a massive part of why this is possible so please do follow our story.


For this we can’t thank you enough.

Any further donations will be gladly received, please use the website

Winners as follows

1st Prize £12,000.00

Nisha Parmar (Birmingham) 24 years old and currently saving for a deposit to buy her own home.

2nd Prize £6000.00

Sally Crickmore (Gloucester)

A dedicated charity worker herself she says, ‘my son has just come back from Kenya after volunteering to take kids off the street to educate them for a few weeks’. Wow… how amazing!!

3rd Prize £3500.00

Gregg Wall (Manchester)

‘I’m elated, this could not of come at a better time due to a current family financial issue. The main reason I entered was because I loved the idea that you were trying to build a school.’

4th Prize £357.00

Catherine Munoz-Bentley (London)

5th Prize £357.00

Sarah hunt

6th Prize £357.00

Mollie Pooley (Chislehurst)

7th Prize £357.00

Oliver Day (London)

8th Prize £357.00

Danielle Thompson (Hampton)

9th Prize £357.00

Nicola Kelly (London)

10th Prize £357.00

Leona Ashley (Nottingham)