Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the property and the raffle itself. If you cannot find the answer, please contact us via one of the methods on the contact us page.

How old do I need to be to enter?

Anyone in the world can enter over 18 on the date of ticket purchase.

What is the value of the house?

2 bed houses in this area sell for anything from £500k to £650k

What is the monthly rental value?

The monthly rental potential of the property is £1500.

What happens if we don't sell enough tickets?

After fees and operating costs, the remaining money will be split 50/50 between charity and a cash prize pool.

Prize Breakdown

1st – 50% of the cash pool.

2nd – 25% of the cash pool.

3rd – 15% of the cash pool.

4th – 10th – Remaining 10% cash pool split equally.

What is one ticket worth?

Each £5 ticket is worth one entry into the draw, for example buying 10 tickets will cost £50 and act as 10 entries into the raffle.

What are the monthly running costs on average?

Council tax/gas/electric and water should be around £240 pcm on average dependant on usage.

What date will the draw take place?

The draw is scheduled to take place on May 16th 2018 OR when the 200,000 entries, has been reached we may decide to make the draw.

Is the property freehold or leashold?

The property is freehold.